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New Gear Equipment

Model KE201-251

6 Axis-CNC Hobbing Machine

Increased Rigidity with a Compact Design

A Complete Dry Cut Hobbing Machine

(Wet Cut Hobbing Machine or Wet/Dry Cut Hobbing Machine is optionally available)

– Max. Workpiece Diameter : 200/250 mm
– Max. Module : 6

New Gear Equipment

CNC Automatic Gear Measuring Machine

CLP-35 (Maximum measurement diameter: 350mm) / CLP-65 (Maximum measurement diameter: 650mm) CLP-35 and CLP-65 CNC gear measuring instruments enable quick, fully automated measurement of tooth profile, lead, pitch and runout of gears used for high heavy duty power transmission. Continuous measurement of cluster gears, detail & 3D measurement of tooth surface and output with comparison between before/after heat treatment are available by means of the standard software. Up to 850mm can be measured upon request.

This video features the KPS20 Pinion Skiving Machine from Kashifuji Works, LTD. and Involute Gear & Machine in the United States. The newly developed KPS20 CNC Pinion Skiving Machine specifically designed for internal gears.

Kashifuji continues to make a concerted effort to manufacture the gear machines demanded by the market and to provide high quality support for customers.

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