Gear Equipment

Gear Roll Testers by Osaka Seimitsu Kikai


GTR-4 is a double flank gear rolling tester for fine pitch gear or small gear used for the wide range of instrument such as measuring equipment, clock, camera, computer peripheral equipment, copying machine and audio device all over the world.

GTR-30 (Center distance : 58 to 300mm Optional : 38mm and higher)
GTR-40 (Center distance : 110 to 400mm Optional : 30mm and higher)

GTR-30 and GTR-40 measure total composite error and tooth-to-tooth error deviation. To meet any kinds of user's request,. master gear, gear with shaft measuring equipment and bevel gear are provided.

GTR-PC (Data Analysis System)

Connecting PC with a double flank gear rolling tester, GTR-4, GTRT-30 and GTR-40, GTR-PC can output the calculating results of composite errors and runout in both analog and digital and judge the grade of JGMA or AGMA.

GTR-30k-AG (Automatic Selecting Counter)

Connecting a double flank gear rolling tester GTR-30 with automatic selecting counter, GTR-30k-AG can visually show measuring results of nick, runout and size comparing with allowance by the lamps and display the value of error on CRT. (Printer: option)

Master Gears

OSK designs and manufactures high-accurate master gears for double flank gear rolling testers

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