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Welcome to Involute Gear and Machine. In late 2009, Nachi Machining Technology Company (formerly known as National Broach & Machine) announced that it was ceasing the manufacturer of all gear hone tools. Involute Gear and Machine Company purchased all equipment, machines, supplies, materials, gages, and engineering drawings for the manufacturing of all types of Red Ring Hone Tools and Honing Compounds.

Authorized Distributors :

Kashifuji CNC Gear Hobbing Machines , Osaka Seimitsu Kikai CNC Gear Inspection Machines

Gear Hones & Gear Honing Tools

Red Ring Gear Hones are available in pitches from 48 DP to 3 DP and can be made with mild to aggressive honing materials.

Gear Hobbing Machines

KASHIFUJI, Japan's largest and oldest manufacturer of Gear Hobbing Machines, offers 12 models of CNC Gear Hobbers, from 50 mm to 1200 mm.

Gear Inspection Equipment

Osaka Seimitsu Kikai builds Gear Rolling Testers and CNC Profile/Lead/Pitch Gear Testers up to 1200 mm O.D. capacity. OSK is Japan's oldest supplier of Gear Measuring Machines.

Gear Inspection Services

We have CNC Gear Inspection Services capability to 350 mm O.D. Same day gear inspection turnaround is usually possible.

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